Corporate Culture





CEP Cultural PyramidPyramid of Culture

Mission Vision

Core philosophy Business Tenet
Management Policy Employment Standard
Safety and Environmental Protection Concept Allocation Principle
Social Responsibility

Enterprise Spirit
Standard of Behavior
qualities of employees

Ideals and Beliefs

Core Value

Spirit and Style


Ideals and BeliefsIdeal Belief
  • 01Mission

    Keep the environment safe!

    Focus on the cause of environmental protection and commit ourselves to greatly reducing the harm of hazardous waste to the environment through professional services, so that the environment on which human beings live is no longer suffering harm.

  • 02Vision

    Create value through innovation, win trust through profession and norm, and be the most respected environmental protection enterprise in China.


Core ValueCore values
  • 01Core philosophy

    Stay true and honest, and keep innovative so as to achieve great goals

    02Business Tenet

    Integrity, safety, creativity and harmony

    03Management Policy

    standardization, lean, digitization and specialization

    0404 Safety and Environmental Protection Concept

    Safety and environmental protection are the top priority, then ten times the revenues and profits are pursued. Without safety and environmental protection, even the best performance is regarded as zero; while with safety and environmental protection in mind, the performance can be ten times better.<

  • 05Allocation Principle

    Share the results of operation and development, match value with creation, be results-oriented and pay for results so that value creators have a full sense of gain.

    06Social Responsibility

    An excellent industry leader. An excellent career platform.A reliable partner. A responsible corporate citizen.

    07Employment Standard

    Recruit people who want to do great work, can do great work, succeed in great work


员工精神与作风Staff Spirit and Style
  • Staff Spirit and style

    01Enterprise Spirit

    Diligence, responsibility, action, team work

    Staff Spirit and style

    02Standard of Behavior

    Three Disciplines

    observe law and discipline, clean and self-discipline, honest and trustworthy


    Eight Points for Attention

    ① Effective requirements of customers (including internal customers) must be 100% responsive, and customer’s complaints must be 100% given action and feedback.

    ② Be true in word and resolute in deed, and speak with results.

    ③ Don’t do and tolerate anything harmful to the interests of the company.

    ④ Revere the rules and execute orders and prohibitions strictly.

    ⑤ Don’t shift responsibility onto others and wrangle.

    ⑥ Take responsibility for your mistakes and make no excuses

    ⑦ Do things right the first time and don't let the mistake happen again;

    ⑧Respect colleagues and do not slander, abuse, defame or use violence against colleagues.

  • 03Ten qualities of employees

    One mentality: entrepreneurial mentality

    Two orientations: customer-oriented, result-oriented

    Three working styles: efficient execution, unity and cooperation, working hard for the company

    Four qualities: unity of knowledge and action, willingness, self-transcendence and continuous learning


    04Ten qualities of leaders

    One mentality: selfless contribution

    Two orientations: goal-oriented, problem-oriented

    Three working styles: responsible, practical and efficient, taking the lead

    Four qualities: overall consciousness, fairness and strictness, creativity, pursuit of excellence