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Anti-fraud report e-mail

We create an anti-fraud report e-mail to encourage employees and suppliers to report fraud and clues, so as to help us find, deal with and control fraud risks early, and build a corporate culture of integrity and compliance.


We arrange special personnel to keep and deal with the clues we receive, so as to strictly protect the information of the reporter. We will give cash rewards to those who prove significant fraud or help prevent or recover substantial losses.


Scope of report:

1. Accept or demand bribes and kickbacks; offer bribes or pay kickbacks.

2. Violate enterprise procurement policies (conflict of interest, related transaction, cross bidding, etc.).

3. Transfer to others transactions that would normally make the company profitable.

4. Disclose business secrets or technical secrets of the enterprise.

5. Illegally use company assets; seize, misappropriate and steal company assets.

6. Forge official documents, seals or use seals without authorization.

7. Falsify business, record false transactions or events, and make the company pay for such business or transaction.

8. Take actual control of the third-party company and invest in the enterprise in its name.

9. Deliberately conceal or misstate transaction items, including falsely increasing income, understating liabilities, using related party transactions to cover up losses or fabricate profits, and issuing false financial reports, etc.

10. Other behaviors that damage the company's economic interests or seek personal illegitimate interests, such as reimbursement of false invoices, false increase of establishment for salary.


Anti-fraud report

Report e-mail address: